Karl Marx Play  (Kilmarnock KIL 72010)  Original Off-Broadway cast LP
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LP0265. THE KARL MARX PLAY, Original 1973 Off-Broadway Cast, w.Harold Gould, Phyllis Newman, Jaime Sanchez, Norman Matlock, Ralph Carter. Kilmarnock KIL 72010


“Premiered at New York's American Place Theatre in 1973, this play evolved out of investigations of the circumstances and events, factual and imaginary, of the life of Karl Marx...a man with a mission, surrounded by his loving, demanding, maddening family and friend, Frederick Engels.

A pioneer in the experimental Off-Broadway Theatre movement and also influential to the poetry at St.Marks Poetry Project and Deux Megots as a founding participant as well as being involved in the ethnopoetics movement, Rochelle Owens is widely known as one of the most innovative and controversial writers of this century, whose ground-breaking work has influenced subsequent experimental playwrights and poets. Since its first publication in 1961, her play FUTZ has become a classic of the American avant-garde and an international success. Toronto banned it, an Edinburgh paper dubbed it ‘lust and bestiality play’ but New Yorkers queued around the block when it was first produced in the sixties. In 1969, it was made into a film, which has attained a cult following. Her plays have been presented worldwide and in festivals in Edinburgh, Avignon, Paris and Berlin. Owens' important literary contribution has been the subject of a wide range of scholarship. During the 1960s and 70s Owens' plays premiered in New York City at The Judson Poets Theatre, LaMama ETC., Theatre for the New City and The American Place Theatre. She was a founding member of The New York Theater Strategy and the Women's Theater council. In 2006 she was celebrated for her achievements at LaMama Theatre in New York in its series, Coffeehouse Chronicles.”

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