Jennie   (Mary Martin)    (RCA LSO-1083)    Original Broadway cast LP
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Jennie   (Mary Martin)    (RCA LSO-1083)    Original Broadway cast LP
LP0278. JENNIE, Original 1963 Broadway Cast, w.Mary Martin, George Wallace, Robin Bailey. Shaded Dog black stereo RCA LSO-1083.


“JENNIE was plagued with problems from the start. In Boston, the major character of Jennie's second husband (J. Hartley Manners, who was to be played by Robin Bailey) was eliminated, and Carol Haney replaced Matt Mattox as choreographer. Schwartz sued the Boston Globe and its critic Kevin Kelly, on the basis that his review implied the composer had ‘stolen or plagiarized’ from other composers. In summarizing the Boston reviews, THE NEW YORK TIMES noted that while the critics unanimously praised Martin, they were ‘disappointed’ in the show. It was ‘too long, too cultured, and sometimes even too solemn for its own good’, according to Elliot Norton of THE RECORD AMERICAN. In Detroit, the leading man was replaced (George Wallace replaced Dennis O'Keefe), and animosity developed between Schwartz and Dietz and the Hallidays, who decided not to bring the show to New York City. When the composers threatened to sue the couple for the $1.35 million advance sale, they agreed to open as scheduled.

The musical opened on Broadway at the Majestic Theatre on October 17, 1963 and closed on December 28, 1963, after 82 performances and four previews.”

- Wikipedia