Obsession   (Bernard Herrmann)  (London SPC 21160)   Soundtrack  LP
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Obsession   (Bernard Herrmann)  (London SPC 21160)   Soundtrack  LP
LP0318. OBSESSION, 1976, Original Sound Track Recording, w.Bernard Herrmann Cond. London Philharmonic. London Phase 4 stereo SPC 21160. Pristine copy has Clean Cut Out Hole, Top Corner.


“Herrmann’s score is of a piece with two of his finest, most tender creations; THE GHOST AND MRS MUIR (1947) and VERTIGO itself, both of which revealed the irascible composer’s more sentimental side. OBSESSION also boasts heavenly choral work and the keening strings of obsessive love. His gorgeous ‘Valse Lente’ cue alone would leave few unmoved. Make no mistake, this score held particular meaning for Herrmann, as was revealed during its recording at St Giles Cripplegate in London.”

- Allan Campbell, BBC Arts, 11 May 2015