Down In the Valley  (Weill)   (10" RCA LM-16)   1950 TV Soundtrack  LP
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Down In the Valley  (Weill)   (10" RCA LM-16)   1950 TV Soundtrack  LP
LP0325. DOWN IN THE VALLEY (Kurt Weill), 1950 TV Soundtrack, w.Marion Bell, William McGraw, Kenneth Smith, Ray Jacquemot, Richard Barrows. (10”) 10" RCA LM-16


“This short opera - there is hardly 30 minutes of music - was conceived in 1945 for radio; the idea for a series of such radio operas came from Olin Downes, the music critic of THE NEW YORK TIMES, and a businessman named Charles McArthur. Weill, who still spoke English with a thick accent, by this time considered himself as American as apple pie - he even refused to speak German with his wife, Lotte Lenya - and he welcomed the opportunity. The radio idea eventually fell through for lack of a sponsor, but Weill was then commissioned to provide an opera for the University of Indiana. He expanded and simplified DOWN IN THE VALLEY, and the revised version had its world premiere in Bloomington in 1948.”

- John Rockwell, THE NEW YORK TIMES, 16 April, 1984