Doctor Selavy’s Magic Theater   (UA-LA196G ) Off- Broadway cast LP
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Doctor Selavy’s Magic Theater   (UA-LA196G ) Off- Broadway cast LP
LP0336. DOCTOR SELAVY’S MAGIC THEATER OR SWINGING AT THE STOCK EXCHANGE (Stanley Silverman), Original 1974 Cast, w.Fred Sherry (Cello) & Ed Flower (Classical Guitar). United Artists stereo UA-LA196G, in gatefold jacket.


"Here are the songs from a musical that was one of the off-Broadway sensations of 1972-1973. The critics raved and the public flocked, yet there were no great star names, no marvels of décor, no obvious plot - only the presentation of the modern world as a madhouse, presided over by a certain invisible Doctor Selavy (= C'est la vie). And, there was no dialogue. The whole structure and action and meaning were contained in, and evolved from, the score, one of the most brilliant ever contrived for the modern theatre.

This show is a neglected gem from the 1970s. Stanley Silverman's score ranges the gamut from glam rock to out-and-out show tunes. The songs are wonderfully tuneful and feature the singing of Jessica Harper of 'Pennies From Heaven'. SWINGING AT THE STOCK EXCHANGE is an especially delightful number, complete with hilarious lyrics by Tom Hendry. I was elated to see it come out on CD at long last; I had it on vinyl and loved it. I'm disappointed Silverman didn't write more musicals, or at least wrote ones that were recorded."

- Richard LeComte, VINE VOICE