Christine         (Columbia OS 2026)        Original Broadway cast LP
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Christine         (Columbia OS 2026)        Original Broadway cast LP
LP0351. CHRISTINE (Sammy Fain), Original 1960 Cast Recording, w.Maureen O’Hara, Morley Meredith, Nancy Andrews, Janet Pavek, Phil Leeds. Columbia stereo grey label OS 2026.


“On paper, CHRISTINE boasts some eye-popping attributes: It's the only Broadway musical written by a Nobel Prize winner (Pearl S. Buck), and it marked the debut of film actor Maureen O'Hara on the singing stage. O'Hara had a surprisingly decent voice, but even she couldn't pull off the plot, which was heavily influenced by THE KING AND I (just replace Siam with India, the king with a doctor, and the English woman with one from Ireland). This 1960 show never quite surpasses its curio status, but those with an appreciation for the more obscure reaches of the musical-theater world will get a kick out of it. The operetta-flavored duet ‘My Little Lost Girl’ is particularly nice.”

-Elisabeth Vincentelli