Auction #143:    78RPM_Records Ephemera  Books and Autographed Photographs
Number 143 ­- AUCTION Formal Bidding Closed. Some items still available for bidding. All inquiries welcome.

Since 1972

This is one of our most interesting auctions in that it contains scarce Chicago Grand Opera programs from the '30s, as well as a handsome number of Metropolitan Opera programs from 1912 to 1951. Interesting record catalogues abound, and we have quite an array of original 78s of all sizes, including an interesting group from the turn-of-the-century. Additionally, we offer a great array of records by the Russian baritone Mark Reizen, all from one collector who knew Reizen personally. As well as Reizen, there are fine Russian 78s by Maksakova, Pantofel-Nechetskaya, Katulskaya, Kazantseva, Maslennikova, Slobodskaya, Obukhova, and many others. Important rarities by Jane Bathori, Claire Croiza, Irène Joachim, Madeleine Martinetti, Germaine Martinelli, Suzanne Balguerie, Nougera & Singher appear along with other French avant-gard singers of the '30s, as well as the earliest recordings by Gérard Souzay. There are long lists of records by such singers as Supervia, Calvé, Ginster, Perras, Eames, Plançon, Baugé, Lafont, Billot, de Muro Lomanto, Vezzani, Muratore, Mojica, Cortis, de Gogorza (including several of his 7" turn-of-the-century issues), Demuth, Ober, Matzenauer, Basilides, Pinza, Valdengo, Svéd, Natzke, Bonelli, Heddle Nash, Roland Hayes (including several of his own Private Issues) & Mario Chamlee. There are glorious mid-1930s Odeon pressings of Lilli Lehmann, de Macchi & Maurel. From the end of the 78 era, we have rare Cetra issues of Arnaldi, Valle, Ziliani, Danese, Stix, Pederzini, Lorenzi, Francardi, Mattera, Braschi, Turrini, Cestari, Gero, Valletti, Salvarezza, Neri, Taddei, Malaspina, Rossi-Lemeni, and more. There are fine German issues featuring Hilde Konetzni, Forst, Hilgermann, Elizza, Reining, Trötschel, Schlemm, Schech, Kupper, Höngen, Goltz, Greindl, Frick, Metternich, Rehkemper, etc. Finally, there are several pages of beautiful signed photos, not the least important of which is a handsome 1891 Reutlinger Cabinet Photo of Tchaikowsky!

Regarding AUCTION #143 (Closing Date: Saturday, 8 May, 2010), The Minimum Bid ("MB") is a guide which has been set in accordance with current market value, determined through constant monitoring of auction sales during recent years. In cases of extreme rarity, the actual realized price may far exceed the Minimum Bid, while in other cases an item may realize a price very close to the Minimum Bid, and, occasionally, the Minimum Bid itself. Please simply bid in accordance with whatever a given item means to you.

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TELEPHONE HOURS are 10:00 am - 5:00 PM, EST - Monday – Friday, when PETER FORD is available to take bids and answer any questions. Bids may be submitted by e-mail, FAX, telephone or (bearing closing date in mind) postal mail. [802 524-7673] or FAX [1 888 819 4831].