Il Borgomastro di Saardam  (Donizetti)   (Capecchi, Langridge)  (2-Living Stage 1104)
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Il Borgomastro di Saardam  (Donizetti)   (Capecchi, Langridge)  (2-Living Stage 1104)
OP0048. IL BORGOMASTRO DI SAARDAM (Donizetti), Live Performance, 12 May, 1973, Holland, w.Schaap Cond. Gewestelijc Ensemble; Renato Capecchi, Philip Langridge, Ans Phlippo, etc.; Renato Capecchi: Arias from L'Elisir, Il Campanello, Don Pasquale, La Cenerentola & Falstaff. (Slovenia) 2-Living Stage 1104. Long out-of-print, final copies! - 3830257411048


"Though not possessing the vocal opulence associated with other star baritones of his era, Renato Capecchi was no vocal underachiever, and his feel for the Italian language and searching musical intellect made him one of the most valued singers of his time. His recorded performance of RIGOLETTO stands with the best for its mastery of the role's subtleties and dramatic truth. Likewise, as Rossini's Figaro, he captured both the quicksilver and pragmatic sides of that buoyant character. Capecchi's repertory was huge, encompassing hundreds of roles; as the years passed, he increasingly concentrated on the buffo parts, and eventually undertook directorial assignments, allowing him to share his theatrical fluency with other singers."

- Erik Eriksson,