Demon  (Rubinstein)  (Melik-Pashaev;  Ivanov, Kozlovsky, Kuznezova)   (2-Great Hall 030/31)
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Demon  (Rubinstein)  (Melik-Pashaev;  Ivanov, Kozlovsky, Kuznezova)   (2-Great Hall 030/31)
OP0099. DEMON (Rubinstein), recorded 1950, w.Melik-Pashaev Cond. Bolshoi Opera Ensemble; Alexei Ivanov, Ivan Kozlovsky, Sergei Krasovsky, Tatiana Talakhadze, Maria Kuznezova, Elena Gribova, etc. (Russia) 2-Great Hall 030/31. - 0000014030314


“With no other commercial competition for [the above], there isn’t much choice if you want this estimable opera – not that any recording which features the likes of Kozlovsky, Ivanov & Talakhadze is worth turning down.”

- Barry Brenesal, FANFARE, May/June, 2004

“One way of dividing the world seems to be into admirers and detractors of Ivan Kozlovsky. For the former, the succulent, dripping sweetness of the Russian tenor provides a paragon of bel canto, exquisite, long-held soft head notes, phrases caressed and pressed out of familiar shape….the portrait of an extraordinary singer….”

- Max Loppert, OPERA ON RECORD, Vol. I, pp.29-30