Nozze   (Bruno Walter;  Steber, Pinza, Sayao, Novotna, Brownlee, Baccaloni)    (2-AS Disc 419/20)
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Nozze   (Bruno Walter;  Steber, Pinza, Sayao, Novotna, Brownlee, Baccaloni)    (2-AS Disc 419/20)
OP0233. LE NOZZE DI FIGARO, Live Performance, 29 Jan., 1944, w.Walter Cond. Met Opera Ensemble; Ezio Pinza, Bid� Say�o, Eleanor Steber, Jarmila Novotn�, John Brownlee, Salvatore Baccaloni, etc. (Italy) 2-AS Disc 419/20. Very long out-of-print, Final Sealed Copy!


�During the forties, [Steber�s] Mozart singing is a herald of the emerging Viennese Mozart manner. She is as subtle as any Viennese in handling tone and word, vocally able to cast a glinting shimmer upon Mozart�s phrases�. the Steber voice is as lovely as ever, or more so, since the palette she draws upon is greater and her emotional response has deepened�.In Walter�s �Dove sono� Steber is no longer merely spinning tone � she summons an outburst of tone and shame at the close of the recitative�..�Dove sono� is a vocal and interpretive trial by fire, and the young soprano, whose control of the Mozartean line is both supple and steadfast, emerges not only unscathed but triumphant�.What remains a matter for wonder is the complete poise of her vocalism from start to finish�.Thoroughly composed, she wafts the gentlest, slenderest thread of tone onto the ether, yet there is nothing anemic or uncommunicative about it�.Seldom does an artist capture the psychology as well as the beauty of Mozart�s heroine.

At projecting character, Say�o, in particular, is a past mistress, especially in those parts where a wheedling charm is essential�.Bampton is at the peak of her form here and gives an estimable performance�.she offers a thoughtfully, carefully plotted reading of the role�.Anna�s plight has captured her imagination.�

- Paul Jackson, SATURDAY AFTERNOONS AT THE OLD MET, pp.304; 309 & 310