Der Freischutz   (Furtwangler;  Grummer, Streich, Hopf, Poell, Edelmann)  (2-Music & Arts 1064)
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Der Freischutz   (Furtwangler;  Grummer, Streich, Hopf, Poell, Edelmann)  (2-Music & Arts 1064)
OP0234. DER FREISCHÜTZ, Live Performance, 26 July, 1954, Salzburg, w.Furtwängler Cond. Vienna Staatsoper Ensemble; Elisabeth Grümmer, Rita Streich, Hans Hopf, Alfred Poell, Oscar Czerwenka, Kurt Böhme, Otto Edelmann, etc. 2-Music & Arts 1064. Transfers by Maggi Payne. Final Sealed Copy! - 017685106422


“I cannot imagine a more idiomatically German performance than this. It is an infinitely slower performance than we are accustomed to….the playing of the Vienna Philharmonic is amazing, given the demands that Furtwängler makes on it….The cast is also remarkable in its strong ensemble and sense of purpose, from the rapture of Elisabeth Grûmmer as Agathe, to the helden strands of Hans Hopf’s Max. Other important portrayals in this strong lineup of singers are Rita Streich’s perky Aennchen and Kurt Böhme’s menacing Caspar….Furtwängler makes FREISCHÜTZ a galvanizing, rejuvenating experience.”

- John Ardoin, THE FURTWÄNGLER RECORD, p.165

“Hans Hopf sang the title role in SIEGFRIED and Siegfried in GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG. He was singing both roles for the first time and naturally had put in yeoman’s work to have readied these mammoth roles for performances on the level demanded by the Bayreuth Festival. Formerly he had sung primarily the Italian repertoire, but was now beginning to concentrate on Wagner roles, which suited his robust voice very well. Hopf was an incomparable raconteur, and one was never bored in his company.”

- Birgit Nilsson, LA NILSSON, p.160