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OP0239. DON CARLOS, recorded 1966, w. Solti Cond. Royal Opera House Ensemble.; Carlo Bergonzi, Nicolai Ghiaurov, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Martti Talvela, Renata Tebaldi, Grace Bumbry, etc. 3-London 421 114, w.Elaborate Libretto-brochure. Very long out-of-print, Final Sealed Copy! - 028942111424


"This superlative performance starts to grip in the very place where inferior performances let attention slip - the interview between the King and Posa. Singer and conductor work as one in Posa's impassioned counselling, and Ghiaurov is superb in response, his tone gaining fierce concentration in his warnings against the Grand Inquisitor. Then Solti brings his own special touch to the auto-da-fe scene so that what can sound merely brassy and tawdry has animation and splendour. John Culshaw's production succeeds well here in suggesting the breadth and colour of the stage setting. One comes to look forward to the orchestral introductions, the cello solo at the start of Act 4 being beautifully played; then the sense of ancient power, cumbrous and awesome as a waking dinosaur, accompanying the entrance of the Inquisitor, and the strange slow rocking motion as of a ship of death at the opening of the prison scene. Philip's monologue, private, weary, deeply human, is one of the finest pieces of singing in the opera, and Posa's ''Per me giunto'', more unexpectedly perhaps, is another, for Fischer-Dieskau cares lovingly for the lyrical phrases and has the technique to provide those musical refinements which Verdi's countrymen have generally preferred to ignore.”

- GRAMOPHONE, Dec.,1988