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OP0249. ERNANI, Recorded 1987, w. Bonynge Cond. Welsh National Opera Ensemble; Joan Sutherland, Luciano Pavarotti, Leo Nucci, Paata Burchaladze, etc. 2-London 289 421, recorded 1987, w.Elaborate Libretto-brochure. Very long out-of-print, Final Sealed Copy! - 028942141223


“Sutherland’s well-observed and skilfully executed staccatos in her big solo, Nucci’s legato in “O de’ verdi anni”, and Burchuladze’s sonorous arrival, and Pavarotti’s thrilling account of the Ivanov cabaletta and his heartfelt “Solingo errante e misero” in the Fourth Act alone amount to more than that. He is admirable throughout and sometimes inspired. Sutherland sings expressively, but the voice has loosened and lost its radiance on top; the smaller parts are adequately taken; the orchestra are fine, the chorus excellent. The booklet contains an authoritative essay by William Weaver but, curiously, has nothing on the textual variants. In concerted passages the balance is not always ideal, Sutherland being usually at something of a disadvantage. There is much to like here, especially in the chorus-work, Pavarotti’s singing and Bonynge’s conducting.”