Il Piccolo Marat (Mascagni)  (de Fabritiis;  Nicola Rossi Lemeni, Virginia Zeani, Umberto Borso, Afro Poli) (2-Fone 17-37)
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Il Piccolo Marat (Mascagni)  (de Fabritiis;  Nicola Rossi Lemeni, Virginia Zeani, Umberto Borso, Afro Poli) (2-Fone 17-37)
OP0267. IL PICCOLO MARAT (Mascagni), Live Performance, 26 Oct., 1961, Fabritiis Cond. Teatro La Gran Guardia Ensemble, Livorno; Nicola Rossi Lemeni, Virginia Zeani, Umberto Borso, Afro Poli, etc. (Italy) 2-Fonè 17-37, albeit no libretto-brochure. Long out-of-print, Final Copy!


“This Romanian opera star was just one of a group of outstanding sopranos condemned to pursue their careers in the shadow of Callas, Tebaldi and Sutherland….Zeani is revealed as a totally dependable singer. The voice is lovely, if slightly of occluded quality and the scale even and well balanced through a wide range. Her interpretations are finely judged and often quite individual….Definitely an enjoyable experience.”

- Vivian A. Liff, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, Sept./Oct., 2009

“Virginia Zeani belongs to the singers who were almost ignored by the multi-national recording industry. She herself preferred her live recordings to those of the studio. This might be partly the reason why she is to be found on but a few commercial recordings. Fortunately, Bongiovanni has released two superb CDs of live performances. Hers is a voice of much flexibility, emitted with remarkable technical competence, extending from warm chest notes to high E. She sings with impeccable phrasing, with great intensity and dramatic conviction”

- Andrea Shum-Binder, subito-cantabile

“Virginia Zeani was immediately noted for her rare ability to bring precise meaning to her music, achieving that rare synthesis of bel canto and expression which drew praise for her interpretations, both for their dramatic sensitivity and intimacy and for her radiant singing. Beneath all this, however, there was something in Zeani’s timbre which went straight to the heart: an aura of veiled melancholy, a nobly controlled passion which blended exquisitely with the bewitching color of her voice, dusky in the center and radiant at the top. Hers was a voice of fascinating femininity, capable of expressing both tenderness and sensuality, both elegy and tragedy.”

- Davide Annachini