Macbeth  (Leinsdorf;  Warren, Rysanek, Bergonzi, Hines)  (2-RCA 4516)
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Macbeth  (Leinsdorf;  Warren, Rysanek, Bergonzi, Hines)  (2-RCA 4516)
OP0299. MACBETH, recorded 1959, w.Leinsdorf Cond. Met Opera Ensemble; Leonard Warren, Leonie Rysanek, Jerome Hines, Carlo Bergonzi, etc. 2-RCA 4516, with Elaborate 57pp. Libretto-Booklet. Very long out-of-print, Final Copy! - 07863545162


"On this afternoon, Warren is at the peak of his form, offering a level of vocal quality which few singers attain, let alone sustain over so long a period. The incredible security and brilliance of his top voice was a guarantee of excitement whenever he was on stage."

- Paul Jackson, SIGN-OFF FOR THE OLD MET, p.252

"Leonard Warren emerged as the principal baritone of the Met’s Italian wing in the early 1940s and remained so until his untimely death on the Met’s stage, 4 March, 1960, at the peak of his career. His smooth, velvety, and beautiful voice was powerful and had an unusually large range in its high register. It was easily and evenly produced, whether he sang softly or roared like a lion….Warren acted his roles primarily by vocal coloring, expressivity, and his excellent diction….his singing was unusually consistent….Warren’s legacy should be of interest to all lovers of great singing."

- Kurt Moses, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, Nov./Dec., 2006

“Leonie Rysanek was both a great actress and a great singer – ‘the singer with a thousand faces’. For decades she sang some of the most difficult roles of the German and Italian repertories with dramatic intensity and a large vocal tone. She was beloved in New York and Vienna where she spent most of her professional time and in every city where there was a great opera house. Altogether, she gave 3000 performances and sang 50 roles. It is said that while Vienna was to Ms. Rysanek a very special place (over 500 performances at the Staatsoper from 1950 on) , the Metropolitan Opera in New York was her operatic home. It was here where on 5 February, 1959 she first fascinated New York audiences as Lady Macbeth, a role that was to have been sung by Maria Callas. By all accounts it was a legendary performance, marking the beginning of an enduring love affair with MET audiences.”