Mozart and Salieri  (Rimsky-Korsakov)   (Samosud;  Ivan Kozlovsky & Mark Reizen)        (Aquarius AQVR 173)
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Mozart and Salieri  (Rimsky-Korsakov)   (Samosud;  Ivan Kozlovsky & Mark Reizen)        (Aquarius AQVR 173)
OP0318. MOZART AND SALIERI (Rimsky-Korsakov), recorded 1951, w.Samosud Cond. USSR Radio Ensemble; Ivan Kozlovsky & Mark Reizen; MARK REIZEN, w.Abram Markarov & Salomon Brikker (Pfs.) & Vassily Nebolsine Cond.: Songs by Borodin, Dargomyzhsky, Glazounov & Rimsky-Korsakov . (Russia) Aquarius AQVR 173. - 4607123630211


“Reizen’s version [of Salieri] is the definitive one, and Kozlovsky is his idiosyncratic and highly attractive self in the rôle of Mozart. Reizen’s interpretation is masterly and his singing a joy to the ear….Added to this, there is no Russian tenor singing today who remotely compares with Kozlovsky; even then [in 1951] when he was at the end of a distinguished career….”

- Norman Linnell, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 1983

“A superb singer and powerful actor with a highly expressive, rich voice of astonishing color and range, [Reizen’s] forte was legendary, but he also had a pianissimo so expressive it could stop a rehearsal to allow Natalia Shpiller singing opposite him to regain her composure, while the rest of the cast were drying their eyes.”


“Kozlovsky's voice was distinguished for its beautiful high register and rich palette of shadings. He sang more than 50 operatic rôles, and was especially famous as Lensky in EUGENE ONÉGIN. They say that Ivan Kozlovsky considered his voice as his one and only possession and prayed every morning thanking the Lord for the priceless gift He gave him.”

- Olga Fyodorova

“One way of dividing the world seems to be into admirers and detractors of Ivan Kozlovsky. For the former, the succulent, dripping sweetness of the Russian tenor provides a paragon of bel canto, exquisite, long-held soft head notes, phrases caressed and pressed out of familiar shape….the portrait of an extraordinary singer….”

- Max Loppert, OPERA ON RECORD, Vol. I, pp.29-30

“Certainly one of the most sonorous, expressive and beautifully-controlled bass voices ever to have been recorded was that of Mark Reizen. He was a legend in his own lifetime in Russia and, at the age of 90, he was still able to make a remarkable stage appearance, singing Prince Gremin in EUGEN ONÉGIN….one of the greatest bass singers of the 20th century.”

- Alan Bilgora, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2010