Nozze   (Bruno Walter;  Pinza, Rautawaara, Stabile, Rethy, Novotna)    (3-Andante 3981)
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Nozze   (Bruno Walter;  Pinza, Rautawaara, Stabile, Rethy, Novotna)    (3-Andante 3981)
OP0325. LE NOZZE DI FIGARO, Live Performance, 1937, Salzburg, w. Bruno Walter Cond. Vienna Staatsoper Ensemble; Ezio Pinza, Mariano Stabile, Aulikki Rautawaara, Esther Réthy, Jarmila Novotná, etc. (E.U.) 3-Andante 3981, recorded on a Selenophone, a device that used the photoelectric properties of selenium to etch a soundtrack on 8mm film. Lavish Edition features elaborate sturdy hardcover deluxe 383pp book. Transfers by Ward Marston. Very long out-of-print, Final Sealed Copy! - 699487398122


“During the mid-1930s, engineers at the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation decided to try out one of the newest and most highly regarded sound-on-film systems, the Selenophone process, at the Salzburg Festival….Regrettably, the effort was abandoned, though magnetic tape eventually came along to fill the gap. Sadder still, third-and fourth-generation dubs of these originals are still in circulation, made from warn 78rpm copies of the original film, giving an extremely distorted impression of the original Selenophone efforts….So it was a shock to hear the remarkable clarity of audio in this particular re-release. Ward Marston worked from the original 1937 film stock…this 1937 Salzburg recording enshrines a performance that crackles with energy, and offers an exciting glance into some legendary artists live, on stage.”

- Barry Brenesal, FANFARE, May/June, 2003