Billy Budd (Britten)  (Peter Pears, Peter Glossop, Owen Brannigan)  (3-London 417 428)
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Billy Budd (Britten)  (Peter Pears, Peter Glossop, Owen Brannigan)  (3-London 417 428)
OP0336. BILLY BUDD (Britten ), w. The Composer Cond. English Chamber Orch; Peter Pears, Peter Glossop, Owen Brannigan, etc.; DIETRICH FISCHER-DIESKAU, w.Britten (Pf.): Songs and Proverbs of William Blake; PETER PEARS, w.Britten (Pf.): The Holy Sonnets of John Donne (both Acc. by the Composer). 3-London 417 428, recorded 1965-67, w.Elaborate 70pp. Libretto-brochure. Final Copy. - 028941742827


"Benjamin Britten's recordings of his own operas are definitive, going straight to the heart of every bar, every scene. For sure, there are better sounding, and in many cases better sung, recordings to be had, especially of the popular works like PETER GRIMES and BILLY BUDD; but none of them is as vivid, as immediately engaging, or as illuminative as these. As recorded by Britten himself, these are living, breathing dramas delivered with such complete understanding that you never miss the sights of scenery and characters; they are right there, captured forever in sound."

- Z. D. Akron