Old Chelsea (Richard Tauber)  (Richard Tauber, Carol Lynn, Nancy Brown)  (Eklipse EKR 22)
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Old Chelsea (Richard Tauber)  (Richard Tauber, Carol Lynn, Nancy Brown)  (Eklipse EKR 22)
OP0471. OLD CHELSEA (Richard Tauber), Broadcast Performance, 7 May, 1943, London; w. Krisch Cond. BBC Orch.; Richard Tauber, Carol Lynn, Nancy Brown, etc.; RICHARD TAUBER: BBC Program, 16 Aug., 1947. (England) Eklipse EKR 22. Very long out-of-print, Final Sealed Copy! - 5019148602378


"Richard Tauber's OLD CHELSEA is an old-fashioned operetta, a combination of G & S and Oscar Straus, but the great Viennese tenor's charming accent and still potent voice make this BBC broadcast from 1943 a rewarding disc, both for the music and the nostalgia."

- Lee Milazzo, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, Jan. /Feb., 1994

"Despite receiving lucrative offers from the United States, he remained in the UK for the entire war. There was little opera staged in wartime Britain so he made a living by singing, conducting and making gramophone records and radio broadcasts. He even composed English operettas, together with the lyric writer Fred S. Tysh, from one of which, OLD CHELSEA, the song 'My Heart and I' became one of his most popular English recordings. It was only these English records that brought him any royalties for his earlier recordings he had been paid for each performance and he had been compelled to leave his savings behind in Austria."

- Wikipedia