Rodelinda (Handel)  (Schneider;  Schlick, Schubert, Cordier, Wessel, Pregardien) (3-Harmonia Mundi 05472-7719)
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Rodelinda (Handel)  (Schneider;  Schlick, Schubert, Cordier, Wessel, Pregardien) (3-Harmonia Mundi 05472-7719)
OP0577. RODELINDA (Handel), w.Schneider Cond. La Stagione Frankfurt Ensemble; Barbara Schlick, Claudia Schubert, David Cordier, Kal Wessel, Christoph Prégardien & Gotthold Schwarz. 3-Harmonia Mundi 05472-77192, w.35pp. Libretto-brochure. Very long out of-print, Final Copy! - 054727719226


“Michael Schneider’s was RODELINDA’s first performance in original instruments. He has an excellent orchestra in La Stagione and the playing is elegant and accurate….Barbara Schlick is a sensitive singer who readily understands what is required from her in every turn of the plot - and uses the natural brightness of her soprano to put some energy into her Rodelinda, but the voice is completely devoid of any sensuousness and her method is too German. The same problem afflicts Claudia Schubert, who is always competent, as Eduige, but lacks warmth and is too tame of temper. David Cordier’s countertenor is unsuited to opera. Beautiful as it is, its seraphic quality only serves the meditative moments and, even so, after a while, it is too unvaried to leave a lasting impression. Kai Wessel’s Unulfo, although stylish, needed more tone to start with. Cristoph Prégardien is the saving grace in the cast - his singing is so rich and beautiful and expressive that you can’t quite understand why Rodelinda still cares so much about Bertarido....It is hardly his fault that he does not sound like the bad guy for one second....”