Cabildo (Amy Beach)  (Ransom Wilson;   Flanigan, Griffey, Groves, Thomas Paul)  (Delos 3170)
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Cabildo (Amy Beach)  (Ransom Wilson;   Flanigan, Griffey, Groves, Thomas Paul)  (Delos 3170)
OP0586. CABILDO (Amy Beach), recorded 1995, w.Ransom Wilson Cond. Lauren Flanigan, Anthony Dean Griffey, Paul Groves, Thomas Paul, Stephen Mo Hanan, Charlotte Hellekant, Pierre Lafitte, Eugene Perry & Dominique You; LAUREN FLANIGAN, PAUL GROVES, CHARLOTTE HELLEKANT & THOMAS PAUL: Songs by Amy Beach. Delos 3170, w.Elaborate 31pp. Libretto-Brochure. Very long out-of-print, Final Copy! - 013491317021


“The professional premiere of Amy Beach’s CABILDO was presented by ‘Great Performers at Lincoln Center’ on May 13, 1995. This recording features the original cast. Beach authority Adrienne Block offers comprehensive notes, along with delightful Young People’s notes. American composer Amy Beach is coming back into fashion. The recent revival of interest in Beach’s music was reflected in a major NEW YORK TIMES piece heralding the Great Performers at Lincoln Center concert which immediately preceded this recording. The major attraction was the first professional production of Beach’s only opera, CABILDO, led by Ransom Wilson and performed by a distinguished New York cast of singers and instrumentalists. This recording captures a dynamic performance evoking Beach’s theatrical flair and intense lyricism. Wilson, well known to the public for his flute recordings, was interviewed for the piece. ‘At the very least she was certainly equal to, if not superior to, any of the composers of the Second New England School’, he told TIMES writer Cori Ellison. Wilson was referring to the cluster of American composers that sprouted in the Northeast late in the 19th century under the aegis of John Knowles Paine. ‘CABILDO reveals dramatic instincts and skills that make one regret that Beach could never delve more deeply into opera’, Ellison wrote in the TIMES piece. ‘It exhibits the same vocal graciousness and solid word setting evident in her songs, offers boldly painted characters and is unified by an expertly woven web of motifa, derived largely from Creole folk tunes’.

The album also offers six of the lovely songs which ‘are at the core of her creative impulse’ according to annotator Adrienne Block, and have been ‘favorites of great singers from Adelina Patti to Arleen Auger’.”

- Delos