Tristan  (William Smith;  Ernst Gruber, Hanne-Lore Kuhse, Ramon Vinay)  (3-Ponto 1026)
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Tristan  (William Smith;  Ernst Gruber, Hanne-Lore Kuhse, Ramon Vinay)  (3-Ponto 1026)
OP0593. TRISTAN UND ISOLDE, Live Performance, 25 Jan., 1967, w.William Smith Cond. Philadelphia Opera Ensemble; Ernst Gruber, Hanne-Lore Kuhse, Irwin Densen, Ramon Vinay (as Kurwenal), Walter Knelar, Blanche Thebom, etc. (Czech Republic) 3-Ponto 1026. Very long out-of-print, Final Copy! - 8717202250264


"With his amazing volume, strength through the entire range from solid depths to blazing top, and a voice of solid steel, Gruber was destined for the heroic roles, particularly Wagner. He portrayed most of the major Wagner heroes...."

- Charles H. Parsons, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, March/April., 2006

“Chilean tenor Ramón Vinay began his career as a baritone, later reworking his voice to the tenor range. For a decade or so, Vinay was a force to be reckoned with, a wonderful singing actor who excelled in such roles as Don José, Samson, Canio, and Otello. In the mid-late 1950s, the top notes became ever more precarious for Vinay, and he eventually returned to the baritone repertoire, and even some bass roles. Though Vinay was born in Chile, his father was French, and he studied in France. It’s not surprising then, that Vinay’s French pronunciation and grasp of the Gallic opera style are expert. And what sets Vinay’s José apart from other great exponents of [French repertoire], even legendary French artists, is the Chilean tenor’s arresting combination of a rich, vibrant, baritonal middle register with ringing high notes. It is true that, like many tenors who began as baritones, Vinay has some difficulty in scaling back his voice, particularly in the upper register.”

- Ken Meltzer, FANFARE, March / April, 2018

"The most famous Chilean opera singer was Ramón Vinay (1911–96), who began as a tenor and later became a baritone. He had an important international career, most famously as Otello on the brilliant recording led by Toscanini, who said, 'He is a complete artist, magnificent and unsurpassed in roles which require power and violence. At present time no other artist comes near Vinay’s interpretation of Otello'. Vinay sang some 170 performances at the Met in heroic roles in French, Italian and German, was a famous Tristan at Bayreuth, and sang Tannhäuser and roles in the Ring Cycle."

- Santiago Rodríguez, Teatro Municipal

"[Kuhse's] was a huge voice of impressive power, stamina, and carrying power, with a bright, even brilliant sound. Dramatic involvement was always present. A ten-minute excerpt from a 1975 London performance of Siegfried Wagner's FRIEDENSENGEL is a rapturous delight."

- Charles H. Parsons, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, May/June, 2006

"Hanne-Lore Kuhse, a dramatic soprano who has sung Isolde and other leading Wagner roles in German opera houses, copes well with the vocal and dramatic requirements [above]. When this recording was made in 1975, her voice was still attractive and firm."

- Kurt Moses, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, Jan./Feb., 2006