Medee (French Version) (Folse;  Phyllis Treigle, Carl Halvorson, D'Anna Fortunato, David Arnoldt)  (2-Newport Classics 85622)
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Medee (French Version) (Folse;  Phyllis Treigle, Carl Halvorson, D'Anna Fortunato, David Arnoldt)  (2-Newport Classics 85622)
OP0650. MÉDÉE (French Version) (Cherubini), recorded 1997, Mannes College, w.Bart Folse Cond. Brewer Chamber Orch.; Phyllis Treigle, Carl Halvorson, D'Anna Fortunato, David Arnold, Thaïs St Julien, Jayne West, etc. 2-Newport Classics 85622, w.39pp. Libretto-Brochure. Very long out-of-print, Final Copy!


"Purchasing a recording of Cherubini's MÉDÉE can be a bewildering prospect, given the plethora of versions available; this range of choices, however, isn't quite the embarrassment of riches it might appear - many of the sets available are live recordings (some quite old now) and of variable quality, both in terms of sound and the standard of the performances. What's more, they are invariably performed in Italian, with cuts and with the spoken dialogue replaced by Franz Lachner's mid-nineteenth century recitatives - there is a question of authenticity, therefore, hanging over what is available.

In its attempts to redress these issues, which have plagued the opera throughout its recorded history, this set from Newport Classics might well seem to be something of a godsend to admirers of Cherubini's masterpiece and an opportunity to hear his work as he originally conceived it."

- J. A. Peacock

“Newport Classic now gives us Cherubini's original version, complete with dialogue, and the effect is revelatory. Gone are the traditional cuts and additions, a century-plus of remodeling in the image of romanticism....”

- James Camner, OPERA NEWS, 28 March, 1998

“Newport Classic's set is a souvenir of a stylized stage-production mounted for the bicentennial of the work. I like Folse's ceremonial, springy conducting on period instruments. [Miss Treigle] sings the part with what Thurber used to call 'a hard, gem-like flame’.”

- Stephanie von Buchau, SAN FRANCISCO TRIBUNE , 15 Jan., 1998

“Phyllis Treigle has the makings of a formidable Medea, passionate in her pleading and vengefulness.... The entire American cast handles the French text well.... “

- George Jellinek, THE OPERA QUARTERLY, Autumn, 1999

“The performance has considerable dramatic fervor. Phyllis Treigle is a potent...Medea, and she speaks the dialogue with passion.”

- James H. North, FANFARE, Sept. / Oct., 1998

“This is the first studio-recording of the original Opéra-Comique version of Cherubini's masterpiece. It is note-complete, the dialogue is unabridged, spurious high notes are expurgated, and has a period-instrument orchestra. It is based on the heavily-stylized Opera Quotannis production, which was conducted by Bart Folse and directed by Brian Morgan, and was seen at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, in the spring of 1997.”

- Newport Classics