I Pazzi per Progetto  (Donizetti)  (Rigacci;  Leonardo Monreale, Susanna Rigacci, Graziano Polidori)  (Bongiovanni 2070)
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I Pazzi per Progetto  (Donizetti)  (Rigacci;  Leonardo Monreale, Susanna Rigacci, Graziano Polidori)  (Bongiovanni 2070)
OP0928. I PAZZI PER PROGETTO (Donizetti), Live Performance, 1988, Lugo, w.Rigacci Cond. Teatro Rossini Ensemble; Leonardo Monreale, Susanna Rigacci, Graziano Polidori, etc. (Italy) Bongiovanni 2070, Slipcase Edition, w.Elaborate 66pp. Libretto-Brochure. Very long out-of-print, Final ever-so-slightly used copy! - 8007068207022


"Donizetti’s I PAZZI PER PROGETTO (which translates as Madmen by Design) is a one-act operatic farce (farsa). The first performance took place in Naples in 1830. The work features two sopranos along with no fewer than five basses and baritones and is divided into seven numbers linked by recitatives. It was performed a few times in Naples and Palermo up until 1845 and then completely forgotten until 1977, when a new revision, edited by Maestro Bruno Rigacci of Florence and using the original score which had been preserved in Naples, was successfully presented as part of the Opera Barga Festival.

The action takes place in a hospital for the insane in 19th century Paris, hardly – one would have thought – the ideal location for a farce. The plot is fairly simple. Darlemont, the asylum’s director, has a niece (Norina), married to Blinval, an Army colonel, whose absences on military duties are the causes of a series of incidents when the two meet again. Since the meeting takes place in the asylum, the two alternately pose as lunatics to discover each other’s true feelings, causing frantic deceptions and misunderstandings.

Add to the mix a babbling servant (Frank), a deserter trumpeter who pretends to be a doctor (Eustace), and a beautiful young girl (Christina), the former lover of the colonel, who is trying to escape from her old guardian (Venanzio), who, in turn, tries to make Christina go mad so that he can acquire her dowry."

- Seen and Heard International