L'Arlesiana (Cilea)  (Fiorello, Canonici, Antonucci, Masiero)  (2-Bongiovanni 2549/50)
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L'Arlesiana (Cilea)  (Fiorello, Canonici, Antonucci, Masiero)  (2-Bongiovanni 2549/50)
OP0959. L’ARLESIANA, Live Performance, 2004, w.Giovanninetti Cond.Mediterranea Ensemble; Elisabetta Fiorello, Luca Canonici, Stefano Antonucci, Daria Masiero, etc. (Italy) 2-Bongiovanni 2549/50, incl.Elaborate 64pp. Libretto-Brochure. Final sealed copy. - 8007068254927


“L'ARLESIANA is an opera in three acts by Francesco Cilea to an Italian libretto by Leopoldo Marenco. It was originally written in four acts, and was first performed on 27 November 1897 at the Teatro Lirico di Milano in Milan. It was revised as a three-act opera in 1898, and a prelude was added in 1937.

The opera is based on the play L'ARLÉSIENNE (1872) by Alphonse Daudet, which was itself inspired by a short story from his collection LETTERS FROM MY WINDMILL (Lettres de mon moulin) and is best known for the incidental music composed by Georges Bizet.

Three famous arias from this opera are the Lamento di Federico: ‘È la solita storia del pastore’ written for a tenor, ‘Come due tizzi accesi’ for a baritone, and for a mezzo-soprano, ‘Esser madre è un inferno’.”

Cilea wrote very few operas, and no one has ever claimed that any of them was a work of unmitigated genius. L’ARLESIANA has its fans (the big tenor aria, ‘E la solita storia’, is magnificent), GLORIA was recorded once and I seem to recall being entertained by it (but not enough to summon up details), and everyone loves ADRIANA LECOUVREUR, with its two gorgeous melodies and unabashed emotionalism.

- Robert Levine, classicstoday.com