Le Chemineau  (Leroux)  (Sebastian;   Blouse, Francou, Armond, Debouver)  (Malibran 667)
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Le Chemineau  (Leroux)  (Sebastian;   Blouse, Francou, Armond, Debouver)  (Malibran 667)
OP1545. LE CHEMINEAU (Leroux), Live Performance, 1956, Avignon, w.Sébastian Cond. Valère Blouse, Liliane Francou, Raymond Armond & Fernand Debouver. (France) Malibran 667. - 760003776674


"The CD of highlights from Le Chemineau presented by Malibran derives, once again, from a provincial stage performance, in this case in Avignon in 1956. I find Leroux's musical evocation of rural France haunting and quite individual. Like so many French operas of this period, it is clearly tailored to the talents of charismatic singing actors. (It was Hector Dufranne, the first Golaud, who scored a great success in the title role at the premiere.) It gets exactly the kind of performance it needs from Valère Blouse as Le Chemineau and Liliane Francou as the long-suffering Toinette. These were apparently singer who thrived in the provincial theatres when they were still a going concern. Blouse and Francou both give passionate, larger-than-life performances."

- Patrick Bade, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2011