Betly;   Le Convenienze Teatrali  (Donizetti)  (Rigacci, Comencini, Scaltriti, Trimarchi)  (2-Bongiovanni GB 2091/92)
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Betly;   Le Convenienze Teatrali  (Donizetti)  (Rigacci, Comencini, Scaltriti, Trimarchi)  (2-Bongiovanni GB 2091/92)
OP1568. BETLY (Donizetti), Susanna Rigacci, Maurizio Comencini & Roberto Scaltriti; LE CONVENIENZE TEATRALI (Donizetti), w.Maria Angeles Peters, Roberto Scaltriti, Domenico Trimarchi, Susanna Rigacci, Sergio Tedesco, etc. (both Live Performances, 1990, Lugo, w.Rigacci Cond. Teatro Rossini Ensemble). (Italy) 2-Bongiovanni 2091/92, incl. Elaborate 93pp.libretto-brochure. Very long out-of-print, Final Copy! - 8007068209125


“LE CONVENIENZE ED INCONVENIENZE TEATRALI (Conventions and Inconveniences of the Stage), also known as VIVA LA MAMMA, is a dramma giocoso, or opera, in two acts by Gaetano Donizetti. The Italian libretto was written by Domenico Gilardoni, adapted from Antonio Simone Sografi's plays LE CONVENIENZE TEATRALI (1794) and LE INCONVENIENZE TEATRALI (1800). The title refers to the convenienze, which were the rules relating to the ranking of singers (primo, secondo, comprimario) in 19th-century Italian opera, and the number of scenes, arias etc. that they were entitled to expect.

The opera was originally a one act farsa based on LE CONVENIENZE TEATRALI; this version premiered at the Teatro Nuovo in Naples on 21 November 1827. Donizetti revised it and added recitatives and material from LE INCONVENIENZE TEATRALI; this final version premiered at the Teatro alla Cannobiana in Milan on 20 April 1831.”

- Hans Lick