Pagliacci   (Papi / Calusio;   Martinelli, Bonelli, Tibbett, Queena Mario)   (2-GOP 787)
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Pagliacci   (Papi / Calusio;   Martinelli, Bonelli, Tibbett, Queena Mario)   (2-GOP 787)
OP1650. PAGLIACCI, Live Performance, 28 Feb, 1936, w.Papi Cond. Met Opera Ensemble; Giovanni Martinelli, Richard Bonelli, Queena Mario, etc. PAGLIACCI, Live Performance, 1 Feb., 1941, w.Calusio Cond. Met Opera Ensemble; Giovanni Martinelli, Lawrence Tibbett, Norina Greco, Francesco Valentino, etc. (Italy) 2-GOP 787. Very Long out-of-print, Final Sealed Copy! - 8012719998723


"Bonelli's masterful voicing of the Prologue makes one wonder who is the premier Italian baritone of the era - he combines all the fat, rolling tone of Thomas and the point and dramatic flavor of Tibbett. Bonelli owns a voice of ravishing, darkly sensuous color, full and even throughout the entire range, with menacing bite at the bottom and absolute freedom at the top....Memories of the golden age of Italian baritones surface - Amato, even a touch of Ruffo potency - though Bonelli never pushes beyond the zones of musical taste."


“…it is the stage that crackles – with energy. The charge runs through the orchestra and chorus. And never mind about the recording being old: it is uncommonly vivid….At the centre are two towering individual performances – Martinelli’s Canio and Lawrence Tibbett’s Tonio. Tibbett combines the gusto of old-time theatre with some rare refinements of the vocal art, and he is in magnificent voice. Martinelli sings as in a slowly consuming fire, his arioso a nobly sustained utterance in which Leoncavallo’s music realises most completely its capacity for tragic intensity. Nor should Queena Mario’s Nedda pass as over-shadowed: She too makes the part live dramatically, and her light, pure voice is skillfully used, in a way worthy of her teacher, the great Marcella Sembrich.”

- John Steane, GRAMOPHONE, Aug., 2008

“Lawrence Tibbett, to my taste the greatest operatic baritone America has ever produced. His enormous charm is complemented by fabulous diction - he's one of the very few ‘classical’ singers whose every word is clearly understandable.”

- Jeffrey Lipscomb