Rigoletto  (Samosud;  Ivanov, Kozlovsky, Maslennikova, Borisenko, Ivan Petrov)  (2-Aquarius AQVR 334)
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Rigoletto  (Samosud;  Ivanov, Kozlovsky, Maslennikova, Borisenko, Ivan Petrov)  (2-Aquarius AQVR 334)
OP1822. RIGOLETTO (in Russian), recorded 1947, w.Samosud Cond. Bolshoi Theatre Ensemble; Andrei Ivanov, Ivan Kozlovsky, Irina Maslennikova, Veronika Borisenko, Ivan Petrov, etc. (Russia) 2-Aquarius AQVR 334. - 4607123630839


“A redoubtable baritone was Andrei Ivanov (easy to confuse with Alexei Ivanov, also an interesting singer). His voice was weightier than Lisitsian's and not quite so seamless technically. But he is the best Igor on records, the most specifically inflected Mazeppa. His large, dark instrument sustains and shades Rigoletto's tessitura impressively, and he lightens the sound with a lyrical, conversational touch for his Onégin. Both vocally and interpretively, he is the finest Russian dramatic baritone of the past sixty years, at least on the recorded evidence."

- Conrad L. Osborne

“Kozlovsky's voice was distinguished for its beautiful high register and rich palette of shadings. He sang more than 50 operatic rôles, and was especially famous as Lensky in EUGENE ONÉGIN. They say that Ivan Kozlovsky considered his voice as his one and only possession and prayed every morning thanking the Lord for the priceless gift He gave him.”

- Olga Fyodorova

“One way of dividing the world seems to be into admirers and detractors of Ivan Kozlovsky. For the former, the succulent, dripping sweetness of the Russian tenor provides a paragon of bel canto, exquisite, long-held soft head notes, phrases caressed and pressed out of familiar shape….the portrait of an extraordinary singer….”

- Max Loppert, OPERA ON RECORD, Vol. I, pp.29-30

“The Bolshoi's singer and Kozlovsky's partner in several operas, Irina Maslennikova, said: ‘At the beginning of my career at the Bolshoi I sang first in RIGOLETTO and then in THE BARBER OF SEVILLE. As a singer I was absolutely unknown to anyone. My first partners were such celebrities as Ivan Kozlovsky and Marc Reizen. Who was I? Just a beginner. But how they cared for me! At rehearsals they treated me like an accomplished singer making no difference between me and themselves'.”