Madama Butterfly   (Balkwill;  Sena Jurinac, Josephine Veasey, Charles Craig)    (2-Myto 00239)
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Madama Butterfly   (Balkwill;  Sena Jurinac, Josephine Veasey, Charles Craig)    (2-Myto 00239)
OP2012. MADAMA BUTTERFLY, Live Performance, 31 Jan., 1959, w.Balkwill Cond. Royal Opera House Ensemble; Sena Jurinac, Josephine Veasey, Charles Craig, etc. (E.U.) 2-Myto 00239. - 0801439902398


“With her graceful bearing and a voice both rich and penetrating, Sena Jurinac was a star of the first generation of European singers to emerge after World War II. She made her début in Vienna on 1 May, 1945 — in the company’s first performance in a liberated Austria — as Cherubino in Mozart’s NOZZE DI FIGARO, a rôle she sang 129 times there. Though she made her first mark in Vienna, which became her artistic home, her radiant Mozart performances at the Glyndebourne Festival in the 1950s catapulted her to international stardom. She also made lauded appearances at the Salzburg and Bayreuth Festivals, the Royal Opera House in London, the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, La Scala in Milan and the San Francisco Opera.”

- Zachary Woolfe, THE NEW YORK TIMES, 26 Nov., 2011

“The Jurinac voice was capable of a gleaming fortissimo, but it also commanded a wide range of shadings of colour and dynamic. The top notes could be floated with an ethereal purity; the middle and lower registers had a very human warmth….The present release is particularly valuable in presenting her as a Lieder singer….Like such great Lieder singers as Rehkemper, Erb, Janssen, Lehmann or Schumann, Jurinac gives us unforgettable musical phrases….We owe her a great deal – and history has already judged her to be one of the immortal sopranos of the twentieth century.”

- Tully Potter