Gromoboy (Verstovsky)  (Katz;  Korolev, Pyotrovskaya, Tarkhov, Tkachenko, Tikhonov)  (2-Aquarius AQVR 347)
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Gromoboy (Verstovsky)  (Katz;  Korolev, Pyotrovskaya, Tarkhov, Tkachenko, Tikhonov)  (2-Aquarius AQVR 347)
OP2107. GROMOBOY (Verstovsky), recorded 1950, w.Gennady Katz Cond. USSR Radio Ensemble; Alexey Korolev, Olga Pyotrovskaya, Dmitry Tarkhov, Anton Tkachenko, Claudia Konstantinova, Alexander Tikhonov, etc.; Olga Pyotrovskaya & Dmitry Tarkhov: Russian songs & Operatic arias. (Russia) 2-Aquarius AQVR 347. - 4607123631096


“Verstovsky turned to the genre of opera in 1828 and wrote six works. The romantic opera ASKOLD'S GRAVE was the most successful of the six, influenced by Weber's DER FREISCHÜTZ, already popular in Russia. First performed in 1835 (a year before Glinka's A LIFE FOR THE TSAR), ASKOLD'S GRAVE received about 200 performances in St Petersburg and 400 in Moscow during its first 25 years. This was the first Russian opera performed in the United States (in 1869). In the Soviet era the opera was forgotten for decades, until it was revised in 1944 at the Moscow Theatre of Operetta under the title THE STOLEN BRIDE, and then returned to the stage in 1959 after its performance in a new version at the Kiev State Opera Theatre. GROMOBOY, Verstovsky’s final work, was composed in 1854, staged 1857.”

- Z. D. Akron