Rinaldo  (Handel)   (Jacobs;  Vivica Genaux, Persson, Kalma, Zazzo, Rutherford, Dumaux, Visse)  (3-Harmonia Mundi 901796.98)
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Rinaldo  (Handel)   (Jacobs;  Vivica Genaux, Persson, Kalma, Zazzo, Rutherford, Dumaux, Visse)  (3-Harmonia Mundi 901796.98)
OP2311. RINALDO (Handel), w.Jacobs Cond. Freiburger Ensemble; Vivica Genaux, Persson, Kalma, Zazzo, Rutherford, Dumaux, Visse, etc. 3-Harmonia Mundi 901796.98, Boxed Set w.Elaborate 141pp. Libretto-brochure. Very long out of-print, Final Copy! - 794881704927


“René Jacobs began his career as a countertenor and quickly earned the reputation as one of the finest of his time. But he gradually turned to conducting and since the turn of the new century has rarely sung in concert. As a countertenor Jacobs championed a string of forgotten Baroque composers on his recordings: Antonio Cesti, Sigismondo d'India, Luca Marenzio, Pierre Guédron, Michel Lambert, and others. But he also sang, in both concert and opera, many standards by Monteverdi, J.S. Bach, Handel, Telemann, and Mozart. As a conductor, he has led many performances of sacred music by J.S. Bach, Buxtehude, and others, and has focused heavily on the operas of Monteverdi, Handel, and Mozart. He has conducted purely orchestral music as well, notably symphonies by Haydn and Mozart.

René Jacobs took master classes with countertenor Alfred Deller. Already active on the concert stage, Jacobs made his operatic début in Amsterdam in 1974, singing Clerio in Francesco Cavalli's ERISMENA. In 1977 Jacobs founded Concerto Vocale, an ensemble he would appear with in many concerts, operatic productions and recordings.

By the 1980s Jacobs was steeped in conducting commitments, though he continued to sing, often in the same concerts. He was also editing performing editions of operas, as he famously did for the 1989 performance he led at the Opera de Montpellier of Monteverdi's L'INCORONAZIONE DI POPPEA. In the 1990s Jacobs established his credentials as one of the finest conductors on record of Mozart's operas."

- Robert Cummings, allmusic.com

“Indeed, one is reminded more than once of Marilyn Horne, although Genaux's voice is prettier and not as grand. She can spin a long, quiet line with grace and breath to spare as well. Genaux's sound, like that of all great singers, is unique - in her case, her tone has a milky smoothness that sets her apart.”

- Robert Levine

“Vivica Genaux, a native of Alaska, makes a handsome hero, but there's no disputing that she's also an attractive woman. She is a specialist in the Baroque and bel canto repertoires….After receiving her undergraduate degree from Indiana University, she studied with Claudia Pinza, the daughter of the late basso Ezio Pinza.

Genaux's voice is fabulous. It is evenly produced throughout its range, and it never loses its character. Some listeners will be reminded of a young Marilyn Horne as they hear Genaux's singing….For the time being, we can enjoy the sound of the voice itself, and the technical skill with which Genaux uses it."

- Raymond Tuttle, classical.net