Prince Igor (Svetlanov;  Alexei Ivanov, Krivchenya, Pokrovskaya, Orlenin, Shchegolkov, Borisenko)  (2-Aquarius AQVR 378)
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Prince Igor (Svetlanov;  Alexei Ivanov, Krivchenya, Pokrovskaya, Orlenin, Shchegolkov, Borisenko)  (2-Aquarius AQVR 378)
OP2886. PRINCE IGOR (Borodin), Live Performance, 8 Nov., 1958, w.Svetlanov Cond. Alexei Ivanov, Alexei Krivchenya, Nina Pokrovskaya, Vitaly Orlenin, Nicolai Shchegolkov, Veronika Borisenko, etc. (Russia) 2-Aquarius AQVR 378. - 4607123631430


“In a way, it is fitting that the [above] release was a tribute to the conductor [Svetlanov] because he is responsible for the high musical standards which permeate the performance. The orchestra plays with beautiful, warm tone….There is energy a-plenty, when required, and it is quite clear that the players have the music in their blood….For a ‘live’ perfomance of this era, the sound is remarkably clear….For me, pride of place must go to Veronika Borisenko….a fine example of legato singing, with a rich, even tone….When…she is joined in duet by Vitaly Orlenin, he is her equal….a high-proifile ‘live’ performance….a valuable insight into the state of Russian singing and playing 56 years ago.”

- Chris Ball, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2014

"I am now reminded that patience is a virtue. My exciting items arrived yesterday so all is well. The PRINCE IGOR is very excitingly conducted by the great Svetlanov and the cast is the real old Bolshoi School."

- Leslie Austin, New Zealand

“I want to thank you for mentioning that latest Aquarius release...the EVGENI ONÉGIN from the Maly Theatre with Sergei Lemeshev. It is in just about every respect, quite wonderful. First, as I put it in my player I noticed that the sound quality was quite good, '50s mono, clear and uncompressed, very natural, with the voices clean and generally forward. And, then, the vocalism! It is superb, the performance as good as it gets (including comparison with the Bolshoi performance of the same year, which is widely available). Lemeshev is in stellar voice.

The other two items---the PRINCE IGOR and PIQUE DAME---are equally fine, in very good mono sound, well sung. I've always delighted in performances of Alexei Krivchenya (his BORIS GODUNOV interventions are a delight, as the early 1950's film demonstrates), and he does not disappoint as Khan Konchak.

All in all, these are superior issues, well worth the investment, and as good as most any later performances of the works.

Thanks, again, for ‘twisting my arm’!”

- Boyd Cathey

“This performance, from the stage of the Bolshoi Theatre, was made at a time when the outstanding singers of the older generation - Ivanov, Krivchenya, Borisenko, Pokrovskaya, Shchegolkov – could still be heard, and is now published for the first time. The performance itself was dedicated to the 155th anniversary of the birth of Borodin in a production which was first staged in 1953. The production was directed by Baratov with Fedorov's scenic designs. This release is the first representation of Svetlanov’s vision of PRINCE IGOR to be released on disc and is dedicated to the 85th anniversary of his birth.”

- Ned Ludd