Ruy Blas (Marchetti)   (Theodossiou, Malagnini, Gazale, Marini)       (2-Bongiovanni 2237/38)
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Ruy Blas (Marchetti)   (Theodossiou, Malagnini, Gazale, Marini)       (2-Bongiovanni 2237/38)
OP3046. RUY BLAS (Marchetti), Live Performance, 1998, w.Lipton Cond. Marchigiana Ensemble; Dimitra Theodossiou, Mario Malagnini, Alberto Gazale, Sylvia Marini, etc. (Italy) 2-Bongiovanni 2237/38, w.Elaborate 178pp Libretto-Brochure. Final Sealed Copy! - 8007068223725


“Giuseppe Verdi dominated Italian opera from the early 1840's to the advent of Puccini around the turn of the century, but many fine composers worked in his shadow. RUY BLAS suggests that Filippo Marchetti was one of the finest.

The libretto is from Victor Hugo's high-Romantic play of pride, intrigue and revenge; the score, composed in 1869, is sweeping, tuneful, well-paced and well-proportioned. Marchetti's best moments are like the ordinary moments in middle-period Verdi, which is saying a lot. It makes a grand night for singing; with the right cast it could be a sizzling hit at the Met.”

- Will Crutchfield, THE NEW YORK TIMES, 28 May, 1984