Mesdames de la Halle;  Bagatelle (both Offenbach)  (Cariven;  Dachary, Ristori, Deva Dassy, Collart, Peyron) (Malibran 796)
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Mesdames de la Halle;  Bagatelle (both Offenbach)  (Cariven;  Dachary, Ristori, Deva Dassy, Collart, Peyron) (Malibran 796)
OP3184. MESDAMES DE LA HALLE (Offenbach), recorded 23 March, 1958, w. Cariven Cond. Gabrielle Ristori, Deva Dassy, Marcelle Sansonetti, Claudine Collart, Marcelle Sansonetti, Josarivaneph Peyron, Gaston Rey, Pierre Germain, Janie Delille & Germaine Parat; BAGATELLE (Offenbach) - excerpts, w. Lina Dachary, Janine Capderou, Huguette Boulangeot & Gérard Friedmann. Malibran 796. Very long out-of-print, Final Copy!


�MESDAMES DE LA HALLE is an operetta buffa in one act by Jacques Offenbach, with libretto by Armand Lapointe, created on 3 March, 1858 at the Bouffes-Parisiens, Offenbach�s first major work to be performed there. G�nzl describes the piece as �a delicious piece of Parisian bouffonerie�. Bouffes on tour staged MESDAMES DE LA HALLE in Vienna with Lucille Tost�e as Cro�te-au-pot, then in Budapest, where a Hungarian version soon followed. It was performed in Berlin in 1858, Brussels in 1860, and Monte Carlo in 1908. It was also produced at the Th��tre des Arts on 3 April 1913, conducted by Gabriel Grovlez, with a cast including Lucy Vauthrin, Marcelle Devries and Maurice Lamy. It was mounted at the Paris Op�ra-Comique on 4 May 1940 with Ren� H�rent, Lillie Grandval and Roger Bourdin, conducted by Gustave Clo�z. MESDAMES DE LA HALLE was performed as part of a triple bill entitled VIVE OFFENBACH with Pomme d'api and M. Choufleuri restera chez lui le�at the Op�ra-Comique in December 1979, revived the following year and in 1983.�

- Wikipedia

"Deva-Dassy was a French opera and operetta diva who was the second female in Paris that created Laya in FLEURS D'HAWAII (by the composer Paul Abraham), in which she sang 'Ni toi, ni moi' and a duet with Emile Rousseau called 'La plus belle perle du monde', where, in return, Max Bussy sang to her 'Fleur d'Hawaii'. She also sang Charlotte in Werther, Mignon in Mignon and Suzuki in Madama Butterfly."

- Ned Ludd