La Perichole  (Offenbach)  (Maria Murano, Raymond Amade)  (2-Malibran 812)
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La Perichole  (Offenbach)  (Maria Murano, Raymond Amade)  (2-Malibran 812)
OP3309. LA PÉRICHOLE (Offenbach), Live Performance, 1956, Gaîté-Lyrique, w. Derveaux Cond. Maria Murano, Raymond Amade, Henri Bédex, Robert Destain, Arlette Forga, Nadine Fosse, Jacqueline Lejeune & Marco Perrin [A scintillating performance before a duly appreciative audience, recorded in a remarkably vibrant acoustic]; MARIA MURANO: Arias from Le Petit Faust (Hervé), La Mascotte (Audran) & Colombe (Damase) - recorded during Live Performances, 1957-61. [This delight is among Malibran's most brilliant and enjoyable issues!] (France) 2-Malibran 812. Very long out-of-print, Final Copy! - 7600003778123


“The title character in LA PÉRICHOLE (1868) is based on Micaela Villegas, a beloved 18th century Peruvian entertainer and the famous mistress of Manuel de Amat y Juniet, Viceroy of Peru from 1761 to 1776. The story concerns two impoverished Peruvian street-singers, too poor to afford a marriage license, and a lecherous viceroy, Don Andrès de Ribeira, who wishes to make La Périchole his mistress.”

-Josef Weinberger

“The score of LA PÉRICHOLE is in what Andrew Lamb calls Offenbach's ‘most charming’, rather than satirical style, with boleros, seguidillas and galops to provide the exotic backdrop. Highlights include La Périchole's letter song, ‘O mon cher amant’; her ‘tipsy’ aria, ‘Ah! quel dîner!’ and, (for the 1874 revision), her third-act aria to Piquillo, ‘Tu n'es pas beau, tu n'es pas riche’, Offenbach's last major song for Hortense Schneider.”

- Wikipedia

"Maria Murano was a French lyric mezzo-soprano. She was most active postwar in the years between 1950 and 1970. She started at the Paris Opéra shortly after World War II, then joined the Grand Theatre de Bordeaux, where she became famous as Madame Alexandra in Jean-Michel Damase and Jean Anouilh's lyrical comedy COLOMBE in 1961. Later, she played opposite Luis Mariano in LE PRINCE DE MADRID and Ivan Rebroff in FIDDLER ON THE ROOF."

- Alchetron