Isabeau  (Mascagni)  (Serafin;  Marcella Pobbe, Pier Miranda Ferraro, Rinaldo Rola)  (2-Fonit CDON 44)
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Isabeau  (Mascagni)  (Serafin;  Marcella Pobbe, Pier Miranda Ferraro, Rinaldo Rola)  (2-Fonit CDON 44)
OP3408. ISABEAU (Mascagni), recorded 1962, w.Serafin Cond. Orchestra Sinfonica di Sanremo; Marcella Pobbe, Pier Miranda Ferraro & Rinaldo Rola, etc. (Italy) Fonit CDON 44. Long out-of-print, Final Copy! - 8003927174139


“Marcella Pobbe was born in Vicenza in 1927 and made her debut in Spoleto as Marguérite in 1948. She reached La Scala in the 1954-55 season, appearing as Elsa, Agathe and Betsabea in the local première of Milhaud’s DAVID. Her Met debut came in 1958 as Mimì. By this time she was having an on-and-off affair with Nicolai Gedda; in 1959 it was off and she turned down the role of Elisabetta (in DON CARLO) at the Met to avoid singing alongside him. She was not invited to appear there again. This was not the only piece of bad luck to come her way. In one of the very first divorces allowed in ultra-Catholic Italy she rid herself of a wealthy husband quite unnecessarily - the good man dropped dead the day after the divorce papers came through! Her ultimate misfortune was to belong to that select group - including also Carteri, Cerquetti, Frazzoni and Gavazzi - who had to make their way in a world dominated by Callas and Tebaldi. I have not been able to trace the date of her last appearance but her temperament has been undimmed by time. With the cameras and recording equipment full on her she protested that her interviewer was asking ‘such stupid questions’; more than actually ‘stupid’, the hapless man’s questions were insufficiently centred upon the great lady herself!

It can be heard that Pobbe was able to spin long, pure legato lines, but also had agility when it was called for. Pobbe’s recording career was linked to Cetra and the RAI. Her repertoire also included Strauss’ ‘Four Last Songs’. She is definitely a singer worthy of remembrance.”

- Christopher Howell, MusicWebInternational