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Auction Number 144 ­- AUCTION Closing Date: Monday, 13 June, 2010

Regarding AUCTION #144 (Closing Date: Monday, 13 June , 2011), The Minimum Bid ("MB") is a guide which has been set in accordance with current market value, determined through constant monitoring of auction sales during recent years. In cases of extreme rarity, the actual realized price may far exceed the Minimum Bid, while in other cases an item may realize a price very close to the Minimum Bid, and, occasionally, the Minimum Bid itself. Please simply bid in accordance with whatever a given item means to you. If a bidder wins more than originally anticipated, we are most pleased to make any mutually comfortable arrangement for payment terms. Please inquire.

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TELEPHONE HOURS are 10:00 am - 5:00 PM, EST - Monday – Friday, when PETER FORD is available to take bids and answer any questions. Bids may be submitted by e-mail, FAX, telephone or (bearing closing date in mind) postal mail. [802 524-7673] or FAX [1 888 819 4831].

Nos. K2258 – K2284 are single issues of OPERA NEWS, 1937-39

K2258. OPERA NEWS, Fourth Annual Report of the Met Opera Guild, 1936-39. 17pp. Johnson on cover. MB 8

K2259. OPERA NEWS, Vol. II, #1, 15 Nov., 1937. Ziegler & Edward Johnson on cover. MB 8

K2260. OPERA NEWS, Vol. II, #2, 22 Nov., 1937. Shorr & Bodanzky on cover. MB 8

K2261. OPERA NEWS, Vol. II, #3, 29 Nov., 1937. Flagstad on cover. MB 8

K2262. OPERA NEWS, Vol. II, #4, 6 Dec., 1937. Cigna & Tagliabue on cover. MB 8

K2263. OPERA NEWS, Vol. II, #5, 13 Dec., 1937. Bori on cover. MB 8

K2264. OPERA NEWS, Vol. II, #7, 27 Dec., 1937. Pinza on cover. MB 8

K2265. OPERA NEWS, Vol. II, #8, 3 Jan., 1938. Rose Pauly on cover. MB 8

K2266. OPERA NEWS, Vol. II, #9, 10 Jan., 1938. Facsimile of Peri’s Euridice title page on cover. MB 8

K2267. OPERA NEWS, Vol. II, #10, 17 Jan., 1938. Pons on cover. MB 8

K2268. OPERA NEWS, Vol. II, #14, 14 Feb., 1938. Kiepura & Eggert on cover. MB 8

K2269. OPERA NEWS, Vol. II, #16, 28 Feb., 1938. Peggy Brendgard winning poster on cover. MB 8

K2270. OPERA NEWS, Vol. II, #17, 7 March, 1938. Milton Cross, Wilfrid Pelletier, etc. on cover. MB 8

K2271. OPERA NEWS, Vol. II, #18, 14 March, 1938. Chariot of Thespis on cover. MB 8

K2272. OPERA NEWS, Vol. III, #1, 7 Nov., 1938. Caniglia as Mistress Ford on cover. MB 8

K2273. OPERA NEWS, Vol. III, #6, 12 Dec., 1938. Cruikshank drawing of Sir John Falstaff on cover. MB 8

K2274. OPERA NEWS, Vol. III, #7, 19 Dec., 1938. Hans Hermann Nissen on cover. MB 8

K2275. OPERA NEWS, Vol. III, #9, 2 Jan., 1939. Met Opera Chorus on cover. MB 8

K2276. OPERA NEWS, Vol. III, #10, 9 Jan., 1939. Set for San Francisco’s Elektra on cover. MB 8

K2277. OPERA NEWS, Vol. III, #11, 16 Jan., 1939. Grace Moore as Louise on cover. MB 8

K2278. OPERA NEWS, Vol. III, #13, 30 Jan., 1939. Risë Stevens, Rethberg & Hans Hermann Nissen on cover. MB 8

K2279. OPERA NEWS, Vol. III, #14, 6 Feb., 1939. Lina Aimaro on cover. MB 8

K2280. OPERA NEWS, Vol. III, #15, 13 Feb., 1939. Helen Jepson as Thaďs on cover. MB 8

K2281. OPERA NEWS, Vol. III, #16, 20 Feb., 1939. Mr & Mrs Ettore Panizza on cover. MB 8

K2282. OPERA NEWS, Vol. III, #17, 27 Feb., 1939. Met Opera Ballerinas on cover. MB 8

K2283. OPERA NEWS, Vol. III, #18, 6 March, 1939. Pinza as Boris on cover. MB 8

K2284. OPERA NEWS, March - April, 1939. Met Opera ‘Tour’ issue, w.Bori & List on cover. MB 8

Nos. K2285 – K2314 are complete volumes of OPERA NEWS, 1946-76

K2285. OPERA NEWS, Vol. XI, 1946-47, Complete Set. MB 25

K2286. OPERA NEWS, Vol. XII, 1947-48, Complete Set. MB 25

K2287. OPERA NEWS, Vol. XIII, 1948-49, Complete Set. MB 25

K2288. OPERA NEWS, Vol. XIV, 1949-50, Complete Set. MB 25

K2289. OPERA NEWS, Vol. XV, 1950-51, Complete Set. MB 25

K2290. OPERA NEWS, Vol. XVI, 1951-52, Complete Set. MB 25

K2291. OPERA NEWS, Vol. XVII, 1952-53, Complete Set. MB 25

K2292. OPERA NEWS, Vol. XVIII, 1953-54, Complete Set. MB 25

K2293. OPERA NEWS, Vol. XIX, 1954-55, Complete Set. MB 25

K2294. OPERA NEWS, Vol. XX, 1955-56, Complete Set. MB 25

K2295. OPERA NEWS, Vol. XXI, 1956-57, Complete Set. MB 25

K2296. OPERA NEWS, Vol. XXII, 1957-58, Complete Set. MB 25

K2297. OPERA NEWS, Vol. XXIII, 1958-59, Complete Set. MB 20

K2298. OPERA NEWS, Vol. XXIV, 1959-60, Complete Set. MB 20

K2299. OPERA NEWS, Vol. XXV, 1960-61, Complete Set. MB 20

K2300. OPERA NEWS, Vol. XXVI, 1961-62, Complete Set. MB 20

K2301. OPERA NEWS, Vol. XXVII, 1962-63, Complete Set. MB 20

K2302. OPERA NEWS, Vol. XXVIII, 1963-64, Complete Set. MB 20

K2303. OPERA NEWS, Vol. XXIX, 1964-65, Complete Set. MB 20

K2304. OPERA NEWS, Vol. XXX, 1965-66, Complete Set. MB 20

K2305. OPERA NEWS, Vol. XXXI, 1966-67, Complete Set. MB 20

K2306. OPERA NEWS, Vol. XXXII, 1967-68, Complete Set. MB 20

K2307. OPERA NEWS, Vol. XXXIII, 1968-69, Complete Set. MB 15

K2308. OPERA NEWS, Vol. XXXIV, 1969-70, Complete Set. MB 15

K2309. OPERA NEWS, Vol. XXXV, 1970-71, Complete Set. MB 15

K2310. OPERA NEWS, Vol. XXXVI, 1971-72, Complete Set. MB 15

K2311. OPERA NEWS, Vol. XXXVII, 1972-73, Complete Set. MB 15

K2312. OPERA NEWS, Vol. XXXVIII, 1973-74, Complete Set. MB 15

K2313. OPERA NEWS, Vol. XXXIX, 1974-75, Complete Set. MB 15

K2314. OPERA NEWS, Vol. XL, 1975-76, Complete Set. MB 15

K2315. RECORD NEWS, Vol. I, Nos. 1-12, published in Toronto by Ross-Court, 1956-57. As important as discographical issues of THE RECORD COLLECTOR, but infinitely rarer! Excellent, sl.used copy. MB 35

K2316. RECORD NEWS, Vol. II, Nos. 1-12, published in Toronto by Ross-Court, 1957-58. As important as discographical issues of THE RECORD COLLECTOR, but infinitely rarer! .Used copy has a few markings, plus minor waterstains. MB 25

K2317. RECORD NEWS, Vol. III, Nos. 1-12, published in Toronto by Ross-Court, 1958-59. As important as discographical issues of THE RECORD COLLECTOR, but infinitely rarer! Used copy has a few markings, plus minor waterstains. MB 25

K2318. RECORD NEWS, Vol. IV, Nos. 1-12, published in Toronto by Ross-Court, 1959-60. As important as discographical issues of THE RECORD COLLECTOR, but infinitely rarer! Used copy has a few markings, plus minor waterstains; issue #12 has minor burn marks, affecting very bottom of a few pages, in no way affecting text. MB 20