Murray Perahia   (Brahms)         (Sony SK 47181)
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Murray Perahia   (Brahms)         (Sony SK 47181)
P0036. MURRAY PERAHIA: Brahms Recital. (Austria) Sony SK 47181, recorded 1990 & 1991, w.Brochure. Very long out-of-print, Final copy! - 5099704718125


“Perahia is often described as a ‘musician's musician’, one who does not adopt a virtuoso persona, but performs with a distinctive directness, without exaggerated or demonstrative gestures. His playing is clean and meticulous, his sound cool, transparent, sparkling, and exquisitely shaded. He is best known for his performances of Classical and early Romantic repertoire.”

- Rovi,

"Music represents an ideal world, a world where all dissonances resolve, where all modulations - that are journeys - return home, and where surprise and stability coexist. If all this could be taught, the love of music would continually expand."

- Murray Perahia, HAARETZ, 7 January, 2009