Josef  Hofmann, Vol. VII        (2-Marston 52037)
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Josef  Hofmann, Vol. VII        (2-Marston 52037)
P0083. JOSEF HOFMANN: Vol. VII, Great Concerto Performances, incl. Concerto #4 in G (w.Mitropoulos Cond.); Emperor Concerto #5 in E-flat (w.Lange Cond.) (both Beethoven); plus other concerto-movement excerpts from the Ford and Bell Telephone broadcasts. 2–Marston 52037. Transfers by Ward Marston. - 638335203720


“In a day when many of the internationally famous keyboard virtuosos paralyzed the public with overwhelmingly sensational derring-do, Hofmann was chaste, controlled and simple, using relatively little pedal, letting his marvelous fingers do the work with clarity and the most pellucid of sounds. It was not that he was incapable of great bursts of sound when they were needed. But he represented aristocracy at all times, a musician blessed with an unerring ear, taste, and the ability to float lines that seemed to spin into infinity. His impact is hard to describe. But to those who heard him, including this writer, the finish and transparency of his playing, and the sheer perfection of his technique, somehow made all other pianists sound thick. From the beginning, he was recognized as one of the greatest pianists in history. He was, of course, a prodigy. What great pianist has not been? But even here the young Hofmann was unique.”

- Harold C. Schonberg