Solomon (Cutner);   Schweiger, van Beinum     (Appian APR 5651)
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Solomon (Cutner);   Schweiger, van Beinum     (Appian APR 5651)
P0105. SOLOMON, w.Hans Schweiger Cond. Kansas City Phil.: Concerto #1 in b-flat (Tschaikowsky), Live Performance, 1952; w.van Beinum Cond. Concertgebouw Orch.: Concerto #3 in c (Beethoven), Live Performance, 18 Dec., 1952. (England) Appian APR 5651. Transfers by Bryan Crimp. Final Sealed Copy! - 524709156511


“[In the Beethoven] the playing is pearly, sensitively nuanced and fleet... High spirits and bubbly humor mark the finale... Given the two relatively tame inscriptions Solomon made...commercially of the Tchaikovsky... this supercharged conception has the earmarks of a British Horowitz.”


“Solomon Cutner, known professionally by his first name, was the great English pianist whose severe stroke in 1956 cut short his career in its prime and just at the point where monaural was giving way to stereo sound. With the change in technology, Solomon's discography became instantly dated and, unfortunately, his performances quickly became underrated.”

- James Leonard,