Andor Foldes       (Appian APR 5580)
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Andor Foldes       (Appian APR 5580)
P0116. Andor Földes: Chopin, Schumann, Brahms & Beethoven (the latter’s Sonata #8 in c; Sonata #24 in F-sharp & Sonata #25 in G). (England) Appian APR 5580, recorded 1950-51, Tono. Transfers by Bryan Crimp. - 5024709155804


“You can hear how he enjoys performing Beethoven. Listen to the 'Pathétique' - it's like hearing it for the first time, and his Schumann sparkles with fresh thoughts....In a time where the past is looked upon with veneration by only a selected few, we must be grateful to APR for bringing back an hour of piano-playing simmering with joy, beauty and that good old-fashioned word: dignity.”

- Pianist Magazine