Mitsuo Uchida  (Schubert)   (8-Philips 475 6282)
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Mitsuo Uchida  (Schubert)   (8-Philips 475 6282)
P0124. MITSUKO UCHIDA: Schubert. 8-Philips 475 6282, recorded 1996-2001, Vienna. Boxed Set w.Elaborate 26pp Brochure. Very long out-of-print, Final Copy! - 028947562825


“Mitsuko Uchida is very slowly working through a Schubert Sonata cycle which has been widely acclaimed…. The playing exemplary; every note exactly in place and carefully planned. It is very much a performance of the 21st Century with wild precision in the quicker passages contrasting with very slow and often very quiet andante passages. Many listeners, including this reviewer will prefer an older style of Schubert playing as achieved by artists such as Artur Schnabel and Clifford Curzon who can obtain magical effects without extremes in tempi or dynamics.”

- Arthur Baker, MusicWebInternational