Raoul Pugno;   Maria Gay   (Opal  9836)
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Raoul Pugno;   Maria Gay   (Opal  9836)
P0160. RAOUL PUGNO: Scarlatti, Handel, Chopin, Mendelssohn, Weber, Liszt, Massenet, Chabrier & Pugno; RAOUL PUGNO accompanying MARIA GAY: Page d'amour (Acc. by the Composer); La Brise (Saint-Saėns); Carmen - Les tringles des sistres. (England) Opal 9836. [An old Opal issue, this appears 'bronzed' but is not - it plays beautifully] Very long out-of-print, Final Copy! - 5015903983621


“Raoul Pugno (1852-1914) was a multi-faceted and important conductor, composer and pianist. His 17 solo records (made in 1903 and all gathered on Opal CD 9836) present an initial obstacle: a faint vibrato caused by defective recording equipment. But virtuosity, taste, charm and fire are abundantly apparent. His repertory is nicely varied, with five Chopin selections forming the largest segment; the free ‘bel canto’ treatment of the F-sharp Nocturne is especially memorable.”

- Will Crutchfield, THE NEW YORK TIMES, 25 March, 1990

“Multifaceted and multi-talented Pugno was variously pianist, organist, accompanist and composer but didn’t specialize as a pianist until he was forty. You will be rewarded with some remarkable pianism from the sonata partner of Ysa˙e and the man who encouraged Grieg to record. His tempo in the Chopin Waltz Op 34, #1 is conventional, the playing excellent but it is his famous recording of the F Sharp Nocturne that will pull you up short. He claimed the excessively slow tempo was from Georges Mathias, his piano teacher and one of Chopin’s best students. Exceptional grace animates the Mendelssohn ‘Song without words’ and Massenet’s ‘Valse folle’ is driven through with passion, the ritardandos stylish and playful. Incision, clarity of fingerwork and superb touch distinguish the Chabrier and superb voicings do likewise with the Chopin A Flat Impromptu. His delicacy and sensitivity to dynamics are clear in the D Flat Berceuse and in fact everywhere the superiority of his imagination and pianism is evident….”

- Jonathan Woolf, musicweb-international