Jose Iturbi & Amparo Iturbi   (Ivory Classics 70908)
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Jose Iturbi & Amparo Iturbi   (Ivory Classics 70908)
P0161. JOSÉ ITURBI: Sonata #12 in F, K.332; JOSÉ ITURBI Pf. & Cond. Rochester Phil.: Concerto #20 in d, K.466; JOSÉ ITURBI & AMPARO ITURBI: Concerto in E-flat for Two Pianos, K.365 (all Mozart). Ivory Classics 70908, recorded 1937-40. Very long out-of-print, Final Sealed Copy! - 644057090821


"The name of Jose Iturbi (1896-1980) invokes mixed reactions from classical music enthusiasts: Iturbi earns credit as a fine pianist and musician - including extended service as a conductor - with some reservations about his decision to follow a ‘populist’ path by way of his Hollywood ‘matinee idol’ associations. Yet, few could dispute Iturbi’s mastery of keyboard technique, gleaned from Maria Jordan and such luminaries as Joaquin Malats, Victor Staub and Wanda Landowska. The fluidity of Iturbi’s style perhaps best finds expression in his Mozart [praised by William Kapell as ‘the evenest playing I know], of which we have the F Major Sonata, K. 332, the 2-Piano Concerto and d minor Concerto, the former concerto with his gifted sister, Amparo."

- Gary Lemco, Audiophile Audition, 16 July, 2016