Geza Anda        (BBC Legends 4135)
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Geza Anda        (BBC Legends 4135)
P0169. GÉZA ANDA: Schubert, Brahms, Bartók & Beethoven (the latter’s Sonata #7 in D). (England) BBC Legends 4135, Live Performance, 23 Aug., 1955, Edinburgh Festival. Final sealed copy. - 684911413526


“[Anda] was a superb musician, if not always a dead-accurate technician, who excelled particularly in works that demanded and drew from him crisp, rhythmically incisive, some might even say steely and brittle playing….Géza Anda was a fine artist….”

- Jerry Dubins, FANFARE, July/Aug., 2004

“In an age of well trained automata set to shine briefly on the competition circuit, Anda’s was a wholly personal voice backed by pianism and craftsmanship of a transcendental sheen and precision….Géza Anda’s…tragic death at the age of 54 extinguished a light that could never be replaced."

- Bryce Morrison, GRAMOPHONE, Aug., 2008