Grigory Ginzburg (VACD 00105)
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Grigory Ginzburg (VACD 00105)
P0223. GRIGORY GINZBURG: Bach Recital. (Russia) VACD 00105, Live Performances, 25 Dec., 1957. - 4607102240028


"Grigory Ginzburg (1904-1961) was perhaps the most astounding virtuoso to emerge in Soviet Russia and it is a tragedy that he was never allowed to travel to the west after the mid 1930’s. He focused his repertoire very much on the 19th century Romantic period and, above all, in Liszt, and his prolific recordings include many of Liszt’s virtuosic opera paraphrases that had fallen into neglect. These discs are extremely rare and many of the performances included will be unknown to even the most ardent collectors."

- APR - The Russian Piano Tradition