Jorge Federico Osorio;  Enrique Batiz   (ASV QS 6015)
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Jorge Federico Osorio;  Enrique Batiz   (ASV QS 6015)
P0381. JORGE FEDERICO OSORIO, w.Enrique Batiz Cond. Royal Phil.: Piano Concerto #19 in F, K.459; Piano Concerto #24 in c, K.491 (both Mozart). (England) ASV QS 6015. Long out-of-print, Final Sealed Copy! - 743625601527


“Osorio’s playing is rewarding in so many ways. Above all, it is passionate while still intelligent and disciplined. You feel you are hearing the composer at his best because his pianist-advocate serves him well. The playing is full of refinement and whimsy. Osorio plays on a large canvas, and uses it to the fullest. He can be intimate and he can play the largest gestures with ease and grandeur. Hearing his playing over a range of repertoire one begins to trust his consistency and taste, then you will be eager to hear more of Osorio.”

- Margaret M. Barela, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, March/April., 2006