Yevgeny Sudbin (BIS Hybrid SACD 1588)
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Yevgeny Sudbin (BIS Hybrid SACD 1588)
P0528. YEVGENY SUDBIN, w.Neschling Cond. São Paulo S.O.: Claudine von Villa-Bella Concerto #1 (Medtner); Concerto #1 in b-flat (Tchaikowsky). (E.U.) BIS Stereo Hybrid SACD 1588, recorded 2006. Winner of GRAMOPHONE Editor's Choice Award, 2007. - 7318599915883


"This is never the Tchaikowsky you have always known, but an arresting novel rethink with the concentration on mercurial changes of mood and direction. Here, amazingly, is one of the most familiar of all concertos rekindled in all its first glory, brimming over with zest and shorn of all the clichés that have adhered to it over the years….It only remains to add that BIS’s balance and sound are of demonstration quality and that the São Paulo SO under John Neschling sound as if influenced by neighbouring Rio’s Carnival spirit, so infectiously do they respond to their radiant soloist."

- Bryce Morrison, GRAMOPHONE, May, 2007