Yakov Flier     (Appian APR 5665)
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Yakov Flier     (Appian APR 5665)
P0590. YAKOV FLIER: Sonata #2 in b-flat (Chopin); 24 Preludes (Kabalevsky); Prelude in c-sharp, Op.3, #2; Prelude in g, Op.23, #5 (both Rachmaninoff). (England) Appian APR 5665, recorded 1952-56. Transfers by Bryan Crimp. - 5024709156658


"APR’s ‘The Russian Piano Tradition’ offers an invaluable artist-led insight into the work of major pianists in Russia’s golden musical past, a time when communicative warmth, backed by both a formidable command and the richest tonal resource, took precedence over all else….And so it is with both Flier (1912-77) and Igumnov (1873-1948), figures who may not have achieved the cult status of Richter and Gilels outside their native Russia but who exhibited all the qualities one expects from this grandest of Romantic traditions."

- Bryce Morrison, GRAMOPHONE, Jan., 2008

"Flier arrived at the Moscow Conservatiore a prodigy and rapidly went on to become one of the greatest of Igumnov's many pupils. He had a friendly rivalry with Emil Gilels, beating him in competition in 1935, only for the roles to be reversed in the Queen Elizabeth Competition of 1938. In many ways his career mimicked that of his teacher Igumnov, as Flier also taught at the Moscow Conservatiore from an early age until his death and produced many illustrious pupils, though perhaps his own fame, at least internationally, suffered as a result.

Flier had a large repertoire and specialized particularly in the great works of the Romantic period which suited his all-encompassing, but undemonstrative, technique. Unfortunately he made surprisingly few recordings though all we have are very fine. Of particular interest here is the world premiere recording of Kabalevsky's 24 Preludes Op.34, a work Flier also premiered in concert. These and all the other material included, are new to CD."

- APR - The Russian Piano Tradition